NRC has through the years provided different types of education programs. In 2013-2015 NRC ran an education project in the Mentao refugee camp comprising a catch-up programme for children of school going age who have been forced to drop  out of school. NRC also had  a YEP program (combining literacy educational and learning crafts) for youths between the ages of 15 to 24 who can no longer make in into the normal school system. 163 pupils completed the catch-up programme while 105 youths completed the YEP programme   

Now NRC is providing education for smaller children in the Goudebo camp; Ecole Primaire de Goudebo has between 800 and 900 pupils aged from 6 to 12 years, divided in six grades. The number of pupils differs with families trying to return to their origin. Return programme is organised by UNHCR.

Most of the pupils are refugees, but the school also has some pupils from the host community.

There are 6 grades at the school. In the first two years (CP 1 and CP 2), there are two teachers in each class. Because the school language is French, and many of the refugee children do only speak local Tuareg dialects, they need help for translation to be able to follow the education.

NRC target that 50% of all pupils should be girls is met in the vast majority of the classrooms. The age of the children in each class differs. Most of the children arriving in the camp have never gone to school before, so they have to start in the basic class regardless of their age. 

Most of the pupils have books to write in, but in a few classes the pupils still uses small wooden boards and chalk. Photo: NRC/Ingrid Prestetun
Les billedteksten Foto: Ingrid Prestetun/Flyktninghjelpen

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